; architectural, hvac, plumbing, fire … At this time, the District expects to utilize 2D CAD drawing formats for procurement of construction services until the industry is better able to utilize Building Information Model (BIM) formats. NOTE ON REVISION 2: FEBRUARY 2013 . Bind all External References(x-refs) to the as-built CAD drawings and blocks created to be exploded. There are ANSI standards that are applicable to machine parts drafting... that are not applicable to the building industry... if they are applicable, I'm not aware of it! 2. Instructions A … CAD Standards . The CAD Standards are in place to create a unified effort and result through the adoption of a single conformed standard. Sketching Sketches are an important communication tool. And there is a U.S. National CAD Standard, Version 2 applicable to the building industry, i.e. Sketching, or free-hand drawing with pencil and paper, is a way to visually express new ideas to solve design problems. DCAMM CAD STANDARDS DCAMM 2 Revision 2: February … When beginning a new DWG file, a template can be selected as a “seed” that AutoCAD and other CAD products will use to create a new file with all of the DWTs pre-defined aspects. As-built Softcopy submitted to NTU to be in AutoCAD DWG format (AutoCAD version 2017 or a previous version) & in PDF format. It is an absolute requirement that all graphic design be produced at full scale in modelspace.Projects created otherwise will be These CAD Standards are to be applied to the creation or editing of any CAD data/ files (.dwg), whether they are created by UoB internal staff or external contractors and consultants. As-built AutoCAD drawings to comply with Singapore Cad Layering Standards (SS CP83). DESIGN DRAWING STANDARDS AND TOLERANCES INDEX PAGE DATE DESCRIPTION A-1 02/13/08 Design Drawing Standards and Tolerances Index A-2 09/07/99 Metric Drafting Standards A-3 02/13/08 Metric Drafting Standards A-6 03/01/96 Tolerance stickers A-7 09/07/99 Installation Torques for Metric Screws A-8–10 02/12/97 Bill Of Materials Instructions A-11–15 02/12/97 System B.O.M. CAD STANDARDS June 2004 ESIGN D GUIDELINES AND STANDARDS 5 Recent releases of University prototype AutoCAD drawing files include tabs for modelspace and paperspace. 1. The DCAMM CAD Standards have been revised Revision 2: February 2013 – to update – the manual to Autodesk AutoCAD 2011 format and to reflect the name change of DCAM to Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM). Approval List Name Job Title Signature Date Drawing templates are CAD drawing files that end in the file extension “DWT” and are used to store preferred settings for DWG files.