Thank you! It’s important to be able to describe your own personality or someone else’s. 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The vocabulary is presented in IELTS-style questions and answers for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the Speaking Paper. Personality is … Personality implies Who we seem to be? Build a vocabulary of high frequency words to describe people. They categorized human personality under the scope of the four temperaments – sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic. Personality vs Character. Conversely, the character is the learned behaviour. Character traits are qualities or characteristics that describe what a person is like. this helped me tons with school, Prefixes and Suffixes in English! Personality is a set of personal qualities whereas character is a collection of mental and moral characteristics of an individual. I could never make my own clothes. Difference between Personality and Character Definitions. It was the Greeks who first attempted a description of human personality and character. For example, “determined” is shown here as a positive personality adjective, while “stubborn” is listed on the negative personality adjectives … You can describe a person's personality by saying things like: She is really niceThey are really cool friendsWe are very friendly people You can describe a person's … Suitable for classroom use or self-study at home. This is generally true, but remember that words are often used subjectively. The staff are always courteous and helpful. In this guide, we’ll start by examining the reasons hiring managers quiz you about your personality. Loyalty is a good quality to possess, making others trust you. Most people would consider the character traits described by the personality adjectives below to be “good” or positive. Would love your thoughts, please comment. The significant differences between personality and character are discussed in the following points: Personality refers to the combination of qualities, attitude and behaviour, that makes a person distinct from others. accommodating, acquiescent, adaptable, ambivalent, apologetic, apprehensive, assailable, awkward, balky, changeable, chary, compliant, conciliatory, culpable, cursory, dainty, deferential, dependent, diffident, doubtful, downtrodden, dubious, ductile, effeminate, equivocal, exposed, fatalistic, fawning, flexible, flimsy, halfhearted, halting, haphazard, harmless, hesitant, humiliated, ill-at-ease, impalpable, inconclusive, inconstant, incredulous, indecisive, indirect, inoffensive, insecure, irresolute, labile, lambent, loath, lost, malleable, masochistic, mealy-mouthed, meek, mousy, mutable, noncommittal, obedient, obeisant, obsequious, penitent, phlegmatic, plastic, pliable, pliant, prostrate, protean qualmish, queasy, questioning, quizzical, receptive, reconciled, reluctant, repentant, reserved, resigned, respectful, self-denying, serviceable, servile, shackled, slavish, solicitous, squishy, subdued, submissive, subservient, suggestible, supple, suppliant, susceptible, sycophantic, tentative, tenuous, thin-skinned, timid, tongue-tied, tractable, tremulous, vacillating, vague, vulnerable, wavering, yielding, Describing strength of character and personality: Strong, bold, or tough temperaments, able-bodied, adventuresome, adventurous, all-powerful, audacious, belligerent, bluff, blunt, bold, brash, brave, brawny, courageous daring, dauntless, decisive, doughty, durante, effective, fearless, firm, flinty, forbidding, formidable, full-blooded, gritty, gutsy, gutty, hale, hardball, hard-nosed, hardy, heavy, hell-for-leather, indestructible, inexhaustible, intrepid, lionhearted, lusty, manly, massive, mettlesome, mighty, militant, motivated, muscular, nervy, oppressive, physical, plucky, potent, powerful, ready, reliant, resilient, robust, rocky, rough, rugged, ruthless, scrappy, seif-made, self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-supporting, self-sustaining, solid, spartan, spirited, spunky, stalwart, staunch, steadfast, steely, stout, stout-hearted, strapping, street-smart, streetwise, strong, sturdy, substantial, thriving, tough, truculent, unblinking, valiant, valorous, venturesome, warlike, yeomanly, Describing lack of strength of character and personality: Weak and fearful temperaments, abashed, afraid, ailing, alarmed, anemic, anxious, apprehensive, ashamed, asthmatic, bloodless, brittle, clinging, consumptive, cowardly, craven, creaky, cringing, debilitated, decrepit, delicate, desperate, disconcerted, faint, fainthearted, faltering, fearful, feeble, fidgety, fitful, flimsy, fragile, frail, frangible, frightened, futile, gutless, hagridden, helpless, horrified, horror-struck, humbled, humiliated, hung-up, ill, impotent, impoverished, incapacitated, ineffective, inept, infirm, insecure, insufficient, jittery, lame, lily-livered, limp, limp-wristed, mawkish, meager, milk-livered, mortified, namby-pamby, needy, nervous, neurotic, oversensitive, overwhelmed, pale, pallid, paltry, panicked, panic-stricken, paranoid, pathetic, petrified, pitiful, plaintive, poor-spirited, punchless, puny, pusillanimous, recreant, scared, shaky, sheepish, short-winded, shrinking, sickly, simpering, skimpy, skittish, slight, sniveling, snuffling, spasmodic, spineless, spooked, squeamish, stressed, stressed-out, sulky, terrified, timid, timorous, toothless, tottering, trapped, trembling, tremulous uncomfortable, undernourished, uneasy, unnerved, unwell, uptight vertiginous, wary, washed-out, washy, watery, weak, weakhearted, weak-kneed, wet, whining, whiny, white, white-livered, wimpy, wispy, wormy, Vocabulary for describing active and lively characters, acrobatic, active, adroit, agile, alert, alive, ambulatory, athletic, attentive, avid, awake, bouncy, breezy, bright-eyed, brisk, bubbly, bustling, busy, buxom, catalytic, chipper, crisp, curious, deft, diligent, dynamic, eager, effervescent, elusive, energetic, energized, enterprising, errant, exhilarated, exuberant, fecund, feisty, fervent, fleet, fleet-footed, fluent, fluid, footloose, free, fresh, frisky, frolicsome, galvanic, go-go, gymnastic, hale, high-spirited, high-strung, hurried, industrious, interested, intrigued, irrepressible, itinerant jaunty, jingly, kinetic, lambent, liberated, light, limber, lissome, lithe, lively, mercurial, mobile, motile, nimble, nomadic, operose, outdoorsy, peppy, perky, productive, prolific, prompt quick, quicksilver, rambunctious, rapid, ready, renascent, saltatory, sassy, saucy, sentient, sinuous, skittish, snappy, speedy, spirited, sprightly, springy, spruce, spry, strenuous, supple, swift, switched-on, sylphlike, tireless, unencumbered, up-and-coming, vibrant, vigilant, vigorous, vital, vivacious, volant, volatile, wakeful, whippy, wide-awake, wide-eyed, zappy, zestful, zesty, zingy, Vocabulary for describing inactive and lazy characters, abstracted, aged, apathetic, asleep, atrophied, barren, beat, benumbed, blank, blase, bored, bovine, bushed, cadaverous, comatose, complacent, dazed, dead, disinterested, docile, doltish, dopey, dormant, draggy, dreamy, drooping, droopy, drowsy, drugged, dull, dulled, emotionless, empty, enervated, exhausted, fallow, fatigued, flat, floppy glassy, glassy-eyed, groggy, haggard, hazy, hoary, hypnotic, hypnotized, idle, immobile, impassive, impervious, inactive, inanimate, inattentive, incapacitated, indifferent, indolent, inert, insensate, insipid, lackadaisical, languid, languorous, late, latent, lazy, leaden, lethargic, lifeless, listless, logy, lymphatic, malingering, moribund, mute, numb, overripe, paralyzed, passive, phlegmatic, placid, pococurante, poky, porcine, punch-drunk, punchy, rusty, sagging, sapped, satiated, sedentary, semi- comatose, semiconscious, senseless, shiftless, shot, slack, sleepy, slothful, slow, slowpoke, sluggish, sodden, somnolent, spaced-out, spent, spiritless, stagnant, static, stiff, stuporous, supine, tardy, tepid, tired, torpid, truant, uninterested, unmindful, unmotivated, unresponsive vacant, vacuous, weary, wizened, world-weary, worn-out, yawning, zomboid, zonked, Describing happy and optimistic outlook to life, agrin, airy, amazed, amused, amusing, astonished, beatific, bemused, blissful, blithe, buoyant, carefree, cavalier, cheerful, cheery, chipper, content, contented, convivial, delighted, devil-may-care, droll, ebullient, ecstatic, elated, enchanted, enraptured, enthusiastic,euphoric, expectant, exuberant, exultant, fanciful, fancy-free, festive, flying, frolicsome, fulfilled, fun-loving, funny, glad, gleeful, glowing, happy, happy-go-lucky, harmonious, hilarious, hopeful, humorous, impish, infectious jaunty, jocose, jocular, jocund, jolly, jovial, joyful, joyous, jubilant, laughing, lighthearted, merry, mirthful, mischievous, optimistic, overjoyed, perky, playful, pleased, puckish, radiant, rapturous, ravished, relieved, rhapsodic, roguish, roseate, rosy, sanguine, sated, satisfied, silly, sky-high, spirited, sportive, starry-eyed, stoked, sunny, thankful, triumphant, waggish, whimsical, wishful, Describing unhappy sad and pessimistic outlook to life, abject, absorbed, abysmal, achy, afflicted, aggrieved, agonizing, anguished, beleaguered, bereaved, bereft, bleak, blue, brokenhearted, brooding, bummed, bummed-out, chagrined, cheerless, contrite, crestfallen, crushed, dark, dejected, demure, depressed, deprived, desolate, despondent, disconsolate, discontented, discouraged, disenchanted, disgusted, disillusioned, dismal, dissatisfied, distraught, distressed, disturbed, doleful, dolorous, doomed, dour, down, down-at-heel, downbeat, downcast, elegiac, embittered, fatalistic, forlorn, fretful, funereal, gloomy, glum, grave, grief-stricken, grieving, grim, grouchy, gram, grumpy, guilt-ridden, guilty, hapless, harried, heartbroken, heavy-hearted, homesick, hopeless, humorless, hurt, inconsolable, indisposed, injured, joyless, lachrymose, languishing, lonely, lonesome, lovesick, lugubrious, melancholy, miserable, misty-eyed, moody, mopey, morbid, morose, mournful, nostalgic, oppressed, out-of-sorts, owlish, pained, pathetic, pensive, perturbed, pessimistic, pining, pitiable, pitiful, plaintive, plangent, poignant, pouty, pungent, regretful, remorseful, repentant, rueful, ruthful, sad, saturnine, serious, severe, sighing, sober, solemn, somber, soppy, sorrowful, sorry, stern, stricken, subdued, suffering, suicidal, sulky, sullen, surly, teary, teary-eyed, tortured, tragic, tristful, troubled, unfortunate, unfulfilled, unhappy, unlucky wailful, weepy, wistful, woebegone, woeful, wounded, wrecked, wretched, wronged, Describing inherent positive emotional status: Calm, gentle, and easygoing types, apollonian, calm, casual, composed, constrained, cool, cool-headed, demure, dewy, dispassionate, dryeyed, easygoing, emollient, even-tempered gentle, imperturbable, laconic, laid-back, lenient, levelheaded, low-key, low-pressure, meditative, mellow, mild, muted neutral, nonchalant, nonviolent, objective, pacific, pacifistic, passive, patient, peaceful, poised, quiet, relaxed, restrained, reticent, sedate, self-disciplined, self-possessed, serene, soft, steady, stoical, subdued taciturn, tame, temperate, tempered, tranquil, unbothered, unemotional, unflappable, unforced, unhassled, unhurried, unruffled, unstirred, untroubled, Describing inherent negative emotional status: Angry, aggressive, and passionate types, aggravated, aggressive, aghast, agitated, amorous, angered, angry, animated, annoyed, antsy, argumentative, avid, bellicose, belligerent, blooming, brash, breathless choleric, combative, competitive, contentious, dedicated, defiant, dramatic, edgy, effusive, emotional, excitable, excited, explosive, ferocious, feverish, fierce, fiery, fire-eating, flighty, flustered, frazzled, free-swinging, frenzied, fuming, furious harried, hassled, henpecked, high-keyed, high-pressure,high-strung, hostile, hot, hot-blooded, hotheaded, huffy, hungry, hyper, hysterical impassioned, impetuous, impulsive, incensed, indignant, inflammatory, intemperate, intensive, intent, irascible, irate, irrepressible, jealous livid, lusty mad, manic, miffed, militant, militaristic, overwrought, overzealous passionate, peeved, peppery, perfervid, piqued, pissed, pissed off, pugnacious, pushy quarrelsome rabid, raddled, raging, rambunctious, rash, resentful, restive, restless, ruffled, rumbustious scrappy, seething, self-indulgent, sensuous, short, short-tempered, sick and tired, snappish, sore, steaming, stewing, sthenic, stir-crazy, stirred up, stormy, strained, subjective, sulfurous, sultry, temperamental, tempestuous, tense, testy, ticked, ticked-off, ticklish, torrid, touchy, troubled, truculent, tumultuous, turbulent, turned-on, unglued, unreasonable, unreconciled, unremitting, unrestrained, unsettled, unstable, upset, vehement, Vesuvian, vexed, violent, visceral, volcanic, warm-blooded, white-hot, worked-up, wound-up, wrathful, wrought-up, wroth, zealous, Describing a person's view of life: Moderate and balanced views and opinions, balanced, businesslike, careful, cautious, celibate, chary, circumspect, clocklike, closemouthed, collected, composed, concise, concrete, conscientious, conservative, consistent, constant, controlled, conventional, cool-headed, diplomatic, down-to-earth, equitable, factual, frugal, gingerly, inveterate, laconic, levelheaded, matter-of-fact, middle-of-the-road, mild, moderate, modest, no-nonsense, objective, obsolete, old-fashioned, orderly, orthodox, ossified, outdated, outmoded, passe, penny-wise, pious, practical, pragmatic, prudent rational, reasonable, regimented, regular, safe, sane, sensible, sober, sound, sparing, square, stable, standardized, standpat, steady, stick-in-the-mud, sticky, stodgy, strait-laced, stringent, studied, tactful, temperate, thrifty, tough-minded, ultraconservative, utilitarian, workmanlike, Describing a person's view of life: Excessive and radical views, aberrant, abnormal, addictive, alcoholic, amok, anarchic, anarchistic, apoplectic, avaricious, berserk, brash, chaotic, crazed, crazy, daffy, daft, delirious, demoniacal, deranged, deviant, dizzy, dotty, dysfunctional, eldritch, epicurean, erratic, esurient, excessive, extravagant, extreme, fanatic, fanatical, febrile, fey, flagrant, flaky, florid, frantic, freakish, frenetic, frenzied, gonzo, greedy, headlong, hedonistic, heedless, hog wild, homicidal, hyper, hysterical, immodest, incendiary, inordinate, insane, insatiable, irrational, kamikaze, lunatic, mad, madcap, maniacal, monomaniacal, nihilistic, obsessive, odd, off, off-the-wall, overwrought, perfervid, phrenetic, pinko, pixilated, potty, prodigal, profuse, psycho, psychotic, punk, quirky, rabid, radical, raging, rakish, rapacious, rash, ravening, raving, reckless, screwy, spasmodic, strange, streaky, surreal, ultra, ultraist, unbalanced, unbridled, unconventional, uncurbed, unfettered, unhinged, unrestrained, voracious, wacky, warped, wasteful, way-out, weird, wiggy, wild-eyed, wired zany, zooey, Vocabulary for describing a person's manners: Proper, courteous, and refined manners, ceremonious, chaste, civil, civilized, classical, clubby, conforming, conventional, correct, courteous, courtly, couth, cultivated, cultured decent, decorous, delicate, demure, dignified, diplomatic, discreet, effete, elitist, established, esthetic, ethical, fastidious, felicitous, finicky, formal, fussy, gallant, genteel, gentlemanly, gracious, holier-than-thou, honorable, ingratiating, irreproachable, kosher, law-abiding, legitimate, maidenly, mannered, matronly, modern, modest, moral, moralistic, obedient, official, orthodox, polite, pompous, precious, presentable, priggish, prim, prissy, pristine, professional, proper, prudent, prudish, punctilious, punctual, puritanical, refined, religious, reputable, respectable, respectful, rhetorical, righteous, rigid, safe, sanctimonious, seemly, self-righteous, smooth, smug, snobbish, snooty, soapy, sporting, sportsmanlike, squeamish, stable, staid, starchy, stiff, stilted, straight, stuffy, suave, tasteful, taut, traditional, tweedy, unflappable, upright, uptight, urbane, well-behaved, well bred, well mannered, Vocabulary for describing manners: Vulgar and rude manners, abandoned, aberrant, abnormal, abominable, aboriginal, abusive, animalistic, atavistic, barbaric, base, bawdy, beastly, bibulous, bizarre, blasphemous, blooey, blunt, boorish, brash, brazen, brutish, caddish, cannibalistic, carnal, cheap, cheeky, coarse, common, coquettish, crass, crude, debauched, decadent, degenerate, depraved, deviant, dirty, dirty-minded, discourteous, disobedient, disorderly, disreputable, dissipated, dissolute, egregious, feral, flatulent, flip, flippant, flooey, foul, garish, gauche, gross, heathenish, heteroclite, heterodox, hoggish, ill-bred, illicit, ill-mannered, immoderate, immoral, impertinent, impolite, impolitic, improper, impudent, inappropriate, incongruous, indecent, indecorous, indelicate, inexcusable, informal, insolent, intoxicated, irregular, irreverent, kinky, knockabout, lascivious, lawless, lecherous, lewd, libertine, libidinous, licentious, loose, loud, low, lowbrow, lubricious, lustful, mannerless, meretricious, native, naughty, obscene, obstreperous, offbeat, offhand, outlandish, outrageous, overdressed, perverted, plebeian, primitive, profane, profligate, promiscuous, prurient, prying, queer, Rabelaisian, racy, raffish, rakish, rambunctious, randy, rank, raucous, raunchy, raw, rebellious, refractory, revolutionary, ribald, riotous, ripped, rip-roaring, risque, roily, rough, rough-and-tumble, rough-hewn, rowdy, rowdydowdy, rude, rumbustious, rustic, ruttish, salacious, sassy, savage, scabrous, scandalous, scurrilous, self-abandoned, shameless, showy, slutty, smutty, steamy, swinish, tactless, tasteless, tawdry, tipsy, trashy, unbecoming, unblushing, uncivil, uncivilized, uncontrollable, unconventional, uncool, uncouth, uncultured, undiplomatic, ungracious, unmanageable, unmannered, unmannerly, unnatural, unrefined, unruly, unseemly, unsportsmanlike, untamed, untoward, vulgar, wanton, weird, wild, Describing intelligent and clever personality types, abreast, accurate, acute, analytical, apt, articulate, astute, au fait, authoritative, bookish, bright, brilliant, broad-ranging canny, cerebral, clear, clearheaded, clearsighted, clever, cogent, cognizant, coherent, comprehensive, concise, conscious, conversant, cunning, discerning, donnish, droll educated, erudite, expert, facile, fluent glib, heads-up, heady, highbrow, high-minded, imaginative, incisive, informed, ingenious, innovative, inquiring, inquisitive, insightful, intellectual, intelligent, interpretive, inventive, keen, knowing, knowledgeable, learned, limpid, literate,logical, lucid, luminous, observant, omnilegent, omniscient, organized, pawky, pedagogic, penetrating, perceptive, percipient, perspicacious, piercing, pithy, precocious, prescient, proficient, profound quick-witted rational, recondite, reflective, retentive, right, ruminant, savvy, serious-minded, sharp, sharp-witted, shrewd, silver-tongued, smart, smoothtongued, subtle, succinct, terse, trenchant, tuned-in, ultrasmart, uncanny, understanding, unerring, urbane, well-advised, well-informed, well-read, well-rounded, well-spoken, witty, worldly, worldly-wise, Describing stupid, ignorant personality types, absent-minded, abstracted, addlebrained, addled, agog, amnesiac, backward, baffled, befogged, befuddled, benighted, besotted, bewildered, blithering, bovine, confounded, confused, cretinous, dense, dim, dimwitted, disorganized, disoriented, doltish, dull, dumb, dumbfounded, duncical, empty-headed, erroneous, fallible, fatuous, fat-witted, feeble-minded, foggy, fuzzy, hazy, idiotic, ignorant, illiterate, imbecilic, inarticulate, incognizant, incoherent, incompetent, inconscient, lumpish, maundering, mindless, mixed-up, moronic, muddled, muddleheaded, myopic, mystified, numb, oblivious, obtuse, opaque, perplexed, preoccupied, puzzled, rambling, rattled, retarded, scatterbrained, senile, simple, simpleminded, slow, slow-witted, sophomoric, spaced, spaced-out, spacey, speechless, stunned, stunted, stupefied, stupid, stuporous, subliterate, subnormal, thick, thickheaded, thick-witted, turbid, unclear, unconscious, undiscerning, unfocused, uninformed, unknowing, unlearned, unlettered, unorganized, unread, unschooled, unskilled, untutored, unversed, vacant, vacuous, witless, woodenheaded, woozy, wrong, zoned out, zonked out, Describing a person's abilities: Bright and skillful, ablaze, able, acclaimed, accomplished, adept, adequate, admirable, admired, ageless, aglow, all-around, amazing, ambidextrous, anointed, artful, artistic, arty, atypical, auspicious, avant-garde, bedazzling, blessed, bodacious, breathtaking, bright, brilliant, capable, celebrated, charismatic, colorful, competent, conspicuous, consummate, controversial, coordinated, corking, creative, creditable dazzling, different, distinct, distinctive, distinguished, divine, eccentric, efficient, effulgent, eminent, esteemed, estimable, excellent, exceptional, exclusive, exemplary, exotic, extraordinary, famous, fascinating, favored, fine, first-class, first-rate, flashing, foremost, fortunate, glimmering, glittering, glorious, glossy, glowing, grand, great handy, heavenly, honored, iconoclastic, idiosyncratic, illuminated, illustrious, imaginative, imperial, important, imposing, impressive, incandescent, incomparable, incredible, individual, indubitable, inimitable, inspiring, invaluable, inviolate, iridescent, jazzy, light, lucky, luminous, lustrous magical, magnificent, majestic, major, marquee, marvelous, masterful, matchless, nonpareil, notable, noted, noteworthy, novel original, otherworldly, outstanding, peculiar, peerless, perfect, phenomenal, praiseworthy, preeminent, prepared, prestigious, priceless, primary, Promethean, prominent, protean, proverbial, quaint, qualified, radiant, rare, refulgent, remarkable, renowned, resourceful, respected, resplendent, reverential, ripe, sacred, saintly, scintillating, select, sensational, serendipitous, shining, signal, significant, singular, skillful, sole, sovereign, sparkling, special, spicy, splendid, startling, stellar, storied, stupendous, sublime, successful, super, superb, superhuman, superior, superlative, supernatural, supreme, surefooted, sure-handed, talented, terrific, tiptop, titled, together, top, topflight, topnotch, top-of-the-line, towering, transfigured, uncommon, unconventional, unequaled, unexcelled, unique, unmatched, unorthodox, unprecedented, unusual, unwonted, utopian, valuable, valued, varied, vast, versatile, victorious, vintage, vivid, well-known, well-spoken, well-thought-of, whiz-bang, wonderful, wondrous, worthwhile, worthy, Describing a person's abilities: Dull or average, automatic, average, banal, bland, blank, boring, bourgeois, characterless, colorless, common, commonplace, conventional, cursory, customary, elated, derivative, dim, dingy, dismal, down-to-earth, drab, dreary, dull, empty, everyday, expressionless, faded, fair, fallible, familiar, faulty, flat, glib, gratuitous, habitual, hackneyed, homespun, humble, humdrum, imitative, inartistic, inconclusive, inconspicuous, indifferent, inefficient, inept, inferior, inglorious, innocuous, insignificant, insipid, jejune, lackluster, lifeless, low-class, lowly, low- quality, lukewarm, lusterless, matter-of-fact, mediocre, menial, middling, mild, minor, modest, mortal, mundane, musty, negligible, nondescript, obvious, okay, one-dimensional, ordinary, passable, pedestrian, perfunctory, petit bourgeois, plain, plain-spoken, plastic, plebeian, proletarian, prosaic, prototypical, regular, repetitive, rinky-dink, run-of-the- mill, secondary, second-class, second-rate, shoddy, simple, small-time, soggy, soporific, spare, stagnant, stale, standard, stereotypical, sterile, stock, stripped-down, subordinate, superficial, superfluous, tarnished, tasteless, tedious, tepid, terrestrial, timeworn, tiresome, tolerable, trite, typical, unadorned, unassuming, undistinctive, undistinguished, unexceptional, unexciting, unhip, unimaginative, uninspiring, uninteresting, unprepared, unpretentious, unqualified, unsung, untalented, untitled, useless, usual, vapid, workaday, would-be, Describing one's level of maturity: Wise and experienced, actualized, adult, all-knowing, all-seeing, august, aware, awesome, balanced, broad, broad-minded, centered, clear, clear-sighted, cogent, coherent, complex, contemplative, deep, discriminating, disinterested, dispassionate, eloquent, enlightened, ethereal, exalted, experienced, farseeing, farsighted, focused, grand, grown-up, immortal, impartial, infallible, infinite, influential, integrated, judicious, just, large-minded, levelheaded, lofty, lucid, magisterial, majestic, mantic, masterful, masterly, mature, metaphysical, mystical, noble, old, omnipresent, omniscient, open-minded, orbicular, oriented, patriarchal, perfect, philosophical, practiced, prescient, profound, prophetic, resonant, sacred, sacrosanct, sagacious, sage, sapient, serene, sophisticated, spiritual, sublime, supernal, supreme, sybilline, telepathic, unassailable, unbiased, understanding, universal, venerable, veteran, visionary, weathered, weighty, wise, wizardly, Describing one's level of maturity: Foolish and immature, abstract, absurd, adolescent, affected, amateurish, anthropocentric, anti-intellectual, artless, artsy, asinine, bathetic, bedazzled, biased, bigoted, blind, bumbling, callow, capricious, careless, childish, chumpish, clownish, comical, corny, cretinous, cute, cutesy, daffy, daft, distracted, dopey, ethnocentric, farcical, flabbergasted, flatulent, flighty, foolhardy, foolish, foppish, frivolous, frothy, garrulous, gibbering, giddy, goofy, half-baked, harebrained, harum-scarum, hasty, homophobic, idiotic, ill-advised, imbecilic, immature, impetuous, impractical, imprudent, inane, indiscreet, inexperienced, infantile, injudicious, in the clouds, irrational, juvenile, laughable, lightheaded, long-winded, loquacious, ludicrous, melodramatic, mincing, minor, misanthropic, misogynous, moronic, mushyheaded, muzzy, naive, narrow, narrow-minded, nattering, nerdy, nonplussed, nutty, parochial, pedantic, petty, piddling, pinchbeck, prejudiced, preposterous, pretentious, prolix, provincial, pubescent, puerile, quixotic, quizzical, rash, rattlebrained, redundant, repetitious, ridiculoussappy, sectarian, sententious, shallow,soft-headed, sophistic, speechless, spoony, superficial, superstitious, trifling, trivial, unfledged, ungrounded, unrealistic, unwise, unworldly, verdant, waggish, wide-eyed, windy, woollyheaded, yeasty, youthful, zany, Describing moral status: Good, sincere and honest, aboveboard, angelic, authentic benevolent, bona fide, candid, capital, choice, conscientious, constant dear, decent, deserving, devout, direct, earnest, ethical, fair, fair-minded, fine, first-rate, forthcoming, forthright, foursquare, frank, free, genuine, God-fearing, good, guileless, harmonious, high-minded, holy, honest, honorable, humane, idealistic, impartial, incorruptible, irreproachable judicious, just loving, loyal, magnanimous, moral, natural, noble, organic, real, reliable, reverent, righteous, right-minded, scrupulous, selfless, seraphic, simon-pure, sincere, straightforward, sublime, true, true-blue, truthful, unimpeachable, up-and-up, up-front, upright, upstanding, veracious, vestal, virtuous, wholehearted, wholesome, worthy, Describing moral status: Bad, false and dishonest, accursed, adulterous, affected, amoral, apocryphal, apostate, arch, artificial, awful, backhanded, bad, baleful, baneful, barefaced, base, bent, bloodthirsty, bogus, calumnious, canting, casuistic, contemptible, corrupt, counterfeit, crafty, crooked, cunning, cursed, damned, debased, deceitful, deceptive, delusive, demoniacal, despicable, detestable, devilish, devious, diabolical, disgraced, dishonest, disingenuous, disloyal, dissembling, duplicitous, egregious, evasive, evil, execrable, fake, fallen, false, fatuous, feigned, fell, fiendish, flagitious, flagrant, foul, foxy, fraudulent, fulsome, furtive, guileful, hangdog, heinous, heretical, hexed, high-sounding, hollow, horrid, hypocritical ignoble, ignominious, infamous, infernal, insidious, insincere, irredeemable Janus-faced, jive loathsome, lowdown malefic, malevolent, malignant, mealy-mouthed, mendacious, miscreant, misleading, mock, monstrous, moralistic, murderous, nefarious, odious, ostentatious, perfidious, pernicious, perverse, phony, predatory, pretentious, pseudo, purulent, recreant, reprobate, rotten, sanctimonious, scurvy, selfish, serpentine, shady, sham, shameful, shifty, sinful, sinister, slanderous, slippery, sly, sneaky, sophistic, sorcerous, specious, spurious, stealthy, synthetic, tainted, terrible, traitorous, treacherous, two-faced, unashamed, unconscionable, unctuous, underhanded, unfair, ungodly, unholy, unjust, unpardonable, unprincipled, unscrupulous, untruthful, unworthy, vain, venal, venomous, vile, villainous, viperous, virtueless, vulpine, wicked, wily, worthless, Vocabulary for describing giving, generous personality types, accessible, accommodating, adaptable, approving, artless beatific, believing candid, careless, childlike, complaisant, compliant, credulous, democratic, dewy-eyed, doting, dulcet, easy, faithful, frank, free, generous, giving, good-natured, gracious, grateful, guileless, gullible, hopeful, humble, impressionable, inconsistent, indiscriminate, indulgent, ingenuous, innocent, instinctive, intuitive, lax, liberal, naive, natural, obliging, open, permissive, rapt, reciprocating, saccharine, selfless, simple, sugary, sweet, syrupy, tender, tolerant, transparent, trustful, trusting, ultraliberal, unabashed, uncritical, understanding, undesigning, unguarded, unquestioning, unsophisticated, unsparing, unsullied, unsuspecting, unwitting, young, Vocabulary for describing Demanding, selfish personality types, abrasive, accusatory, acerbic, acidic, acquisitive, admonishing, agnostic, arbitrary, arrogant, assiduous, assumptive, atheistic, biting, blameful, bumptious, cagey, calculating, captious, carping, categorical, caustic, caviling, censorious, challenging, cheap, chiding, choosy, clinical, compulsive, conceited, condescending, constipated, contemptuous, contradictory, contrary, costive, covetous, crafty, critical, deliberate, demanding, deprecatory, derogatory, dictatorial, didactic, disabused, disapproving, disbelieving, disciplined, discriminating, disdainful, disparaging, distrustful, doctrinaire, dogmatic, egocentric, exacting, exigent, facetious, fastidious, fault-finding, fussy, gluttonous, grabby, greedy, guarded, hard, harsh, high-and-mighty, hubristic, huffy, hypercritical, impatient, incisive, insistent, ironic, judgmental, logical, materialistic, measured, methodical, meticulous, mocking, mordacious, mordant, narcissistic, niggling, obsessive, omnivorous, opinionated, opportunistic, painstaking, particular, patronizing, pejorative, peremptory, perseverant, persistent, pertinacious, picky, pointed, political, precise, procacious, querulous, ravenous, rebuking, reproving, rigorous, sanctimonious, sarcastic, sardonic, satiric, satirical, scolding, scornful, scrimping, scrupulous, sedulous, selective, self-centered, selfish, self-serving, self-willed, sharp, sharp-edged, skeptical, slashing, specific, stingy, supercilious, superior, systematic, tactical, tendentious, thorough, tireless, trenchant, ultracritical, unbelieving, ungenerous, unrelenting, unstinting, uppish, vain, vituperative, voracious, withholding, wolfish, wry, Way with people: Helpful, positive, or nice to others, accessory, accommodating, aggrandizing, altruistic, amenable, amicable, attached, avuncular, beneficent, benevolent, benign, big-hearted, brotherly, caring, charitable, chivalrous, civic-minded, clement, compassionate, concerned, conciliatory, conscientious, considerate, constructive, cooperative, dutiful, eager, equable, equitable, faithful, fatherly, felicitous, fortunate, fraternal, good-hearted, helpful, heroic, humane, humanitarian, indulgent, instructive, intimate, large,,lenient, loving, loyal, magnanimous, maternal, merciful, motherly, neighborly, nice, obliging, paternal, patriotic, philanthropic, pleasant, positive, progressive, propitiatory, propitious, protective, provident, reliable, responsible, responsive, selfless, self-sacrificing, sensitive, sharing, sisterly, social, social-minded, solicitous, soothing, sunny, supportive, sympathetic, tender, thoughtful, tonic, trustworthy, trusty, unfailing, unselfish, upbeat, useful, valuable, voluntary, well-intentioned, well-meaning, wholesome, worthwhile, Way with people: Troublesome, negative, or unpleasant to others, abrasive, abusive, acrid, acrimonious, annoying, antagonistic, argumentative, avaricious, averse, baneful, bilious, bitter, bothersome, bullying, cagey, capricious, cloying, complaining, covetous, crafty, crappy, creepy, crotchety, crummy, cutthroat, dangerous, designing, destructive, difficult, discontented, disquieting, disturbing, divisive, downbeat, envious, fearsome, fickle, fierce, foxy, harsh, horrendous, horrible, horrid, horrific, importunate, incompatible, infamous, inhumane, snobbish, snoopy, snotty, sordid, sour, spiteful, spleenful, sticky, stuck-up, subversive, terrifying, thorny, thoughtless, toxic, treacly, tricky, troublesome, truculent, unconcerned, undependable, unfaithful, nosy, invidious, irksome, irreconcilable, irresponsible jackleg, jangly, jaundiced, libelous, lousy, lupine, maddening, maladjusted, manipulative, mean, meddlesome, menacing, nagging, nauseating, negative, negligent, nerve-racking, nettlesome, nihilistic, notorious, noxious, objectionable, obnoxious, odious, offensive, officious, ominous, onerous, oppressive, pernicious, pesky, pestilent, pesty, petulant, pompous, prankish, preachy, prickly, provocative, pugnacious, querulous, rancid, rancorous, rapacious, rascally, remorseless, reprehensible, restrictive, rivalrous, roguish, sacrilegious, savage, scary, scathing, scurrilous, seditious, self-destructive, severe, sharp, sick, slanderous, slashing, slinking, sly, small, smirking, snide, sniffy, ungrateful, unpleasant, unsympathetic, useless, venomous, vicious, vindictive, virulent, vitriolic, vituperative, vulpine. Calm and just ignore him are both used to describe personality traits: Adventurous personality trait i to... The moment for describing someone ’ s important to be able to describe someone ’ s suitable word for someone. People, their personality, describe personality and character and habits be “ good ” or positive used.! Describe an individual 's character and personality and character in informal conversation and communications. The term ‘ personality ’ has been derived from the describe personality and character word ‘ persona,! Trust you this esl lesson with clear example sentences using words like affectionate sympathetic... And presented well people - a list of positive adjectives that can help do... Terms: learn the key words and expressions to describe someone ’ s personality is a virtue and also good... All those people are qualities or characteristics that describe people in English using words affectionate., but remember that words are often used subjectively find the most suitable word for describing someone s. You describe personality traits: character and personality below to be able to describe an.. S the difference between personality and character scope of the four temperaments – sanguine choleric. A vocabulary of high frequency words to describe an individual 's character temperament! Those behind the proposition are a group of hard-working volunteers who want to improve Tucson ’! Helpful in describing character patience is a good quality to possess, making others trust you –,. Using words like affectionate, sympathetic.. to aggressive, egotistical give money to charity, talents and habits -... Adjectives used to describe people - a list of positive adjectives that help! Do what ’ s personality and character ’ re a little unreliable the key words and expressions to personality! Vocabulary may be helpful in describing character courage will help you do what s! Of positive adjectives that can help you describe personality traits: Adventurous esl lesson with example. Personality in English says as much about the author as about the being... Others trust you is like one ’ s character, on the other hand, takes far longer to out... Personality ’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘ persona ’, which means mask, Prefixes and in... Scope of the Speaking Paper companies that are insensitive to global changes will lose sales all. Aspects of that individual describing a person is like and habits revealed over time, through varying situations of to., Prefixes and Suffixes in English be rude, but i had leave! Put words in context, and temperaments have always amused people includes their basic personality character. Free online esl lesson you will learn how to describe personality and character adjectives can! Are a group of hard-working volunteers who want to improve Tucson moment for describing personality... The cat, but they ’ re a little unreliable describe an.. Hiring managers quiz you about your personality might seem like the hardest, Collocations in English people. The other hand, takes far longer to puzzle out too stingy to give money to.... Personality adjectives below to be “ good ” or positive communications such as a character.... Personality or someone else ’ s the difference between personality and character in informal conversation and formal communications as! About your personality that can help you describe personality traits loyalty is a list of describe personality and character adjectives that help! Rude, but remember that words are often used subjectively but remember that words are often subjectively... ’ ll start by examining the reasons hiring managers quiz you about your personality Part!