You can substitute 'cups' or 'parts'. Chả giò is a deep fry dish commonly made up of ground meat and sliced vegetables rolled up in a pastry sheet. Vietnamese Fried Egg Rolls THE VIET DISH Vietnamese fried egg rolls are common appetizers, though can also be eaten as a meal by itself if preferred. Vietnamese egg rolls are different than the Chinese style. I have used egg yolk for sealing in this recipe. appetizers Vietnamese fried egg rolls Vietnamese Print Recipe It can also be used as dressings for cabbage salads and any other dishes that needs a light wake-me-up of flavor. Since then, I always order the egg rolls when I am at Vietnamese restaurant. But you can also use mixture of … My family has been making this for years since they immigrated from Vietnam. It's really good and LIGHT, as opposed to the strong flavor of uncut fish sauce. The wrappers used are thinner, and the filling contains vermicelli noodles (bean thread) instead of cabbage (among a few other flavor differences). You can use two different sealers to seal the egg roll wrappers – (a) Egg yolk (b) Mixture of flour and water. Related Recipe: Southwestern Egg Rolls Dear food lovers, the next step is most important in Vietnamese egg roll recipe, i.e, filling the egg roll and sealing it.