This shouldn’t be limited to cloud services, but also locally and on a portable hard drive. Cloud security is important, but what does it really mean? Cloud security is critical to make sure the organization doesn’t become vulnerable. Security breaches occur due to targeted attacks, human errors, application vulnerabilities, or inadequate security practices. Why Is Cloud Security So Important? Some cloud systems also allow real-time collaboration, so … According to recent research from the Cloud Industry Forum , 88% of businesses use cloud … The cloud is fantastic in a number of ways but it does have some added security elements, so finding the right team is essential to the architecture … John Boitnott July 11, ... client data should be encrypted before it is uploaded to the cloud, so … Along with cloud storage security advantages, this is one of the top reasons why everyone is using clouds. The cloud is different from on-premise resources and securing cloud … ... That’s why it’s so important … Cloud computing isn’t the future—it’s already here.